So what is

ADHD & Guardian Angel?

Medication, Daily Mood and Full Ratings synced across the web and mobile devices aiding the day-to-day lives of those with ADHD

ADHD Angel »

Reminders & Reports

Reminders for Medication, Create PDF logs to share with clinicians

Daily Mood Ratings

Log your daily mood and daily notes against the Swanson's SNAP IV Scale

Help And Guidance

Advice for police officers, court officials and other professionals on how they should treat you (the stuff they should know but don't)

Logs and Reports Synced to Parents

Sync your daily, full and medication logs directly your parent via Guardian Angel

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Live Access To Logs

With Guardian Angel logs and reports are seamlessly shared between the two applications.


Guardian Angel provides a process for sending reports on how they feel and are how they are managing their behaviour to their doctor ahead of their next visit


Receive Notifications when they have taken their medication, send notifications to remind them to take their medication

Not just for the iPhone

Guardian Angel also works on the web